What To Do When Your Toothache Goes Away

Seems like good news right? The toothache that has kept you up late at night or prevented you from eating certain foods — or eating at all — is gone! While it’s good that you will sleep well again. The absence of pain can indicate that your tooth has gotten worse. 

You need to talk with your dentist and seek possible endodontic treatment as soon as possible. 

Here are a few things that will happen if you don’t get endodontic treatment. 

You won’t be able to save your tooth. 

As the tooth dies, the nerves inside your tooth indicating pain to your brain die too. The absence of pain indicates that your tooth has reached this point of decay. The possibility of restoring your tooth drastically decreases. 

Dental implants have come a long way, but they are still not as good for your body as your natural teeth. Which is why prefer to save your tooth — and you should, too. 

The pain is likely to come back. 

Dental problems almost always create a chain reaction of problems. Bacteria is good if it stays where it is supposed to. If left unchecked, the bacteria will find a way to cause more damage. 

Every patient is different. Each unique case is treated by Dr. Penney consulting your general dentist to find a way to treat your tooth. This also means that there is plenty of uncertainty as to what will happen if your tooth is left unchecked. 

Your whole immune system could be put to the test. 

If an endodontic abscess occurs, your whole body will be fighting the infection. Leaving your immune system weakened.  

An endodontic abscess is an infection that occurs right at the root of your tooth. It is usually the result of bacteria spreading through the pulp. Once it reaches the end of your tooth’s root, an infection is bound to occur. 

Endodontic abscesses are treatable, but the possibility of saving the tooth sitting on top of the abscess is low.