What Is An Endodontic Abscess?

An Endodontic Abscess is an infection at the root of your tooth. At James A. Penney, III, DDS, PA, Endodontics, we provide comprehensive endodontics to all our patients. If you are dealing with an abscess, your dentist will likely refer you to a specialist — like us. 

Dr. Penney will consult with your general dentist to determine the best way to bring your tooth back to health. Every case is unique. But here is some general information you should know about endodontic abscesses. 

How It Happens. 

If you have a crack in your tooth or a cavity that has decayed all the way down to your pulp, bacteria will get into the pulp of your tooth. Left untreated, the bacteria will start to cause serious problems. 

Like a chain reaction, the bacteria spreads from the breach in your enamel, to your pulp, and down towards the roots of your teeth. Once the bacteria reaches this stage, an abscess is likely to form. 

At this point, endodontic treatment is absolutely necessary. Having an endodontic abscess means the infection has created a pocket in your jaw filled with infection. The pulp of your tooth has died off and must be replaced. 

Can An Endodontist Cure An Abscessed Tooth? 

Yes! When an abscess has been identified, Dr. Penney will work with your dentist to find the best option. 

As you might imagine, abscesses are very painful. We want to treat and heal your tooth as soon as possible. 

For most abscesses Dr. Penney will treat the tooth endodontically to make the tooth strong again. Depending on how bad the infection is, the abscess may heal on its own. Without access to more bacteria, your body can heal the infection and restore your bone. 

If the abscess has grown too large, we will need to perform a surgical procedure called an Apicoectomy. This procedure will allow Dr. Penney to remove the infected bone by going in through the gums of your tooth, not the chewing surface. 

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