The Difference Between Root Canal Surgery and a Root Canal

At James A. Penney, III, DDS, PA Endodontics we treat roots. Most of the time that means performing a root canal. Sometimes the patient’s issue is more complicated. When that is the case we use our cone-beam CT technology, digital imaging, and more to better understand what is happening inside your tooth.

Root Canal Surgery is performed when our technology can not determine the cause of your pain. Dr. Penney will use a surgical microscope to find any fractures — yes, even a fracture that tiny can cause pain — or canals that have gone undetected.

Endodontics is all about getting to the “roots” of your dental problems.

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort, your dentist needs to know why. A small pain could indicate a larger issue. Decay and infections in your jaw are very sensitive. Left untreated, they will get worse.

A typical root canal is performed when a patient has infection, deep decay, or cracks in their tooth. Dr. Penney will get to the injured through the chewing surface of your tooth. He will remove the injured pulp that is causing you pain. Once that is gone, the canal where the pulp once was is thoroughly cleaned, sealed. The patient must then get a crown to restore the outer surface of the tooth.

Root Canal Surgery is anything that goes a little further than a typical root canal.

These are often the procedures that help your endodontist find hidden fractures or canals that would otherwise go unnoticed in an x-ray. It is very similar to a root canal and is often referred to as a root canal.

Apicoectomy is a common root canal surgery. It involves going into the root of the tooth from the gum, not the chewing surface of the tooth.

Root canal surgery is only necessary when your endodontist determines the problem can not be solved with a root canal. The pain or discomfort you are experiencing can not always be diagnosed with x rays or surface exams. In this case,  Dr. Penney, or your endodontist of choice, will use surgical microscopes to find the fractures or canals that are causing you pain. Once the fracture or canal is discovered, Dr. Penny can remove the infection and repair the roots of your tooth so it has the best chance at making a full recovery.

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